Saddle Up Horsemanship

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway

About the Horsewoman

Like most little girls, ever since she can remember Kelci Lavelle Goad has loved horses…but it wasn’t until she was twelve years old that she started taking riding lessons. Time in the saddle and around the barn quickly became something she craved and going to the fifteen acre horse ranch located just behind her house in Hockinson, WA became a daily activity. Kelci met her first horse, a Haflinger named Broadway Annie there just hours after she was born. With the help of multiple different trainers she went through Annie’s entire training process with her. From halter breaking to jumping under saddle, Kelci was by Annie’s side (and on her back) the whole way. It was during that time that Kelci realized not only did she love riding and being around the barn, but she loved to train. A passion that she’s pretty sure will last a life time.

Kelci currently owns three other beautiful Quarter Horses, Emotional Breeze (lovingly referred to as Breezy), How Cool is That (Cool), and Shorty. Kelci has had Breezy for almost eight years and the two have been on quite an amazing journey together. When they first joined together as a team Breezy was a six year old trail horse without much understanding other than very basic cues. Kelci was a starry eyed, horse crazy, fourteen year old girl with a dream to help Breezy become the best barrel horse she could be. Along with a little bit of hunter jumper, trail, and cattle work, Breezy and Kelci got started in the equine sports they love most – Barrel Racing and Western Games. In the last seven years Kelci and Breezy have been involved in 4-H, Youth NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association), Open NBHA, BBR (Better Barrel Races), and Central 4D as well as many other local shows. Since they started competing they have achieved many top placings, ribbons, buckles and awards, and were selected two years in a row to represent Clark County 4-H at the state level at the Washington 4-H State Fair in Puyallup, WA. Since graduating from the youth division as well as a cross-country move to Oklahoma they haven’t fallen far behind, in 2010 Kelci and Breezy competed at the NBHA Oklahoma State Championship. In 2011 they competed in the BBR World Championship, and finished the year in 43rd place out of 963 barrel racers in the Oklahoma 2D.


In addition to Breezy, Kelci has had her hand in training multiple other horses – some with the assistance of professional trainer - Allison Vankoll, and a few on her own. Kelci has also been a riding instructor to a limited amount of students and emphasizes safety, proper care, and clear communication.

Kelci always strives to be as educated as possible about her chosen avocation and this has clearly been shown by her constant participation since age 12 in weekly riding lessons, multiple clinics, 4-H meetings, daily practice, and even a training apprenticeship her senior year in high-school. Today, Kelci is working toward an Equine Studies and Business degree through the University of Guelph. Kelci is a hard worker and always strives for excellence in all her equine-related endeavours. 

Most of all, Kelci just loves horses and the connection that we are able to have with them. Her passion is turning into a career and she is excited to see what is in store for her next.

“You can’t be a winner and be afraid to lose” - Steve Vaughn